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Jurassic Escape

Jurassic Escape is your chance to help to save the world. Not from the threats of today, but those of the prehistoric world. Dinosaurs are back and only quick thinking, teamwork and common sense will help you and your team stop an evil corporation from cloning dangerous dinos into our world.  You’ll have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles that will allow you to escape this truly immersive and thrill loaded escape room.  Perfect for couples, families, friends and co-workers; keep humans on the top of the food chain by conquering the Jurassic Escape room! We are counting on you.

Dallas-Fort Worth

New York City


Washington DC




Why A Jurassic Escape Room?

There is no doubt in our mind that humans are fascinated with dinosaurs. An entire species of animals wiped out before man walked the Earth just naturally causes curiosity in the brain. Jurassic Escape was created to help bring those creatures back into an active situation with human participants, without becoming the evil corporation in our game that is cloning and weaponizing these animals. When playing Escape The Room’s newest game be ready for a truly unique and entertaining puzzle escape room.  It is your job to figure out how these dinosaurs might be able to help you escape before time runs out.

Our newest room is open in select locations across the United States now and will be opening in more locations soon.  Find the Escape The Room location nearest you above to book your time in Jurassic Escape today. We are confident this Jurassic Escape room will thrill, excite and challenge you, your friends, family, and co-workers as you try and escape.

More cities to follow soon!

What Is Escape The Room

Escape The Room is the escape room company that helped the boom of real-life puzzle escape games in the United States really take off.  As the first U.S. owned escape room company, Escape The Room has been pushing the innovation and excitement of escape rooms since opening that first room in New York City in 2013.  Escape The Room now operates in 19 cities across the country, bringing the latest and greatest escape room puzzles to over 1,000,000 gaming enthusiasts, newcomers, and anyone looking for a fun time unlike any other every year. Now Jurassic Escape joins the arsenal of impeccably designed rooms offered by Escape The Room and is bound to be one of America’s most popular escape room games ever.

Escape The Room currently has locations offering friends, family, co-workers, and strangers the chance to test their puzzle acumen in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, The Woodlands, San Antonio, Denver, Albuquerque, and Scottsdale.

No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of Jurassic Escape.

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